Wish List

We believe that there are big and small ways to make a difference, and all of them matter. We are accepting donations to our Wish List to help people with developmental disabilities live fully in their community.

Meet a Need: We accept donations of event tickets, holiday/birthday gifts, restaurant gift cards, grocery gift cards, fuel cards, home cooked meals, etc.

Diapers: We’re working with Grace United Methodist Church in Hamilton to provide diapers to children with disabilities in Butler County. Diapers of all sizes are accepted, but there is a great need for bigger sizes - sizes 4, 5 and 6.

Monetary Donations: Monetary donations may be made at any time and the funds will be used for a variety of needs. Checks should be made out to: Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities and mailed to: Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Office of the Superintendent, 282 N. Fair Avenue, Hamilton, OH 45011.

Donate furniture and household items:

Make a House a Home: People who move into the community do not always have the resources or supplies to set up a home. A group of parents formed a "Welcome Wagon" - click here to see what types of items they need.

Goodwill locations in Butler County: Drop off items to any Goodwill location along with this donation ticket. Vouchers are then accumulated and given to people with developmental disabilities so they can buy things they need, such as household items or work clothes.

If you would like to donate, or to help in other ways, contact one of our Community Connections Coordinators at communityconnections@butlerdd.org for more information.