Political Action Committee (P.A.C.)

Friends of Citizens with Disabilities is the name of our Board’s Political Action Committee (P.A.C.). They are responsible for running the Board’s levies and fundraising for the levy campaign. The Board is not allowed to use money from its general fund to fund the levy campaign, so all funds raised must come from donations made to the PAC.

The levy produces 75 percent of the Board’s budget which touches all of the departments and all staff. The levy pays for early intervention services for children, for residential services for people living in the community, nursing services for people living in the community, and other services and supports. Our Board could not operate those services without levy funds.

The P.A.C. fundraises to educate the community about the importance of our services. A levy campaign will cost at least $125,000. If we do not pass the levy, important services could be cut to those we serve.

The P.A.C. is comprised of community volunteers, parents, Board staff, business partners, and providers. We need you! We need volunteers to help at our fundraising events. Considering the importance of our levy, isn’t it worth your time?

If you are interested in learning more, please send us an email. The PAC meets once a month, typically on the first Monday,  at 5:00 p.m. at Janet Clemmons Center in Hamilton.